“Northern Peru Copper is a ‘junior’ mining company, strong on geology, exploration, and financial know-how, but short on the kind of comprehensive management resources necessary for detailed development of our El Galeno copper project.  MTB stepped in and gave us exactly the kind of strong, knowledgeable management and oversight that we needed to keep our development progressing on time and within budget while ensuring that no critical steps, elements or information are overlooked.  As we progress from prefeasibility into feasibility, we know that we can trust MTB to manage all our technical consultants, keep a watchful eye on the budget and schedule, anticipate and solve problems before they become critical, and to help us create the highest-quality and most accurate feasibility study possible.”

Marshall Koval
Northern Peru Copper Corp.
regarding MTB’s management of prefeasibility and
feasibility studies for the El Galeno Project in Peru.


“MTB’s management expertise, attention to detail, and creative problem solving have been essential to the success of Franconia Mineral’s efforts to advance the development of our Birch Lake project in northern Minnesota.  Since we retained MTB in mid-2006 to manage our prefeasibility study, MTB has brought cost-effective management to all areas of our exploration operations and project development.  They provide day-to-day management of our drilling and metallurgical testing work, in addition to managing the engineering, geotechnical and other consultants completing the study.  In managing all of these activities and consultants, MTB has focused on controlling our budget and schedule.  MTB has also provided invaluable assistance with our public information efforts.”

Brian Gavin
President and CEO
Franconia Minerals Inc.
regarding MTB’s management of development activities
and a prefeasibility study for the Birch Lake Project in Minnesota.


"MTB helped us develop and build our project as any owner desires: within budget and on schedule. Even though these were great achievements, the fact that the mine started operations with no technical problems made MTB's contribution really outstanding."

Miguel Aramburú
General Manager
Compañia Minera Sipán S.A.
regarding MTB's management of the development and
construction of the Sipán Heap Leach Gold Project in northern Perú.


"MTB came in during the middle of the project to help the contractor get a handle on the project's cost and schedule. They assessed the situation quickly and made sure that I understood the problems honestly and responsibly. These people are straight shooters intent on serving the project owner's interests. I was impressed and looked forward to bringing them in on my next project."

Dave Dillman
Construction Manager
Commonwealth Edison's Facilities and Engineering Construction Division
at Joliet Station 29 power generating facility
on MTB's project controls services during the
construction of a 24-cell cooling tower facility for the station.


"Without MTB, it might have been another year or more before the project actually got started. MTB entered an environment in which attitudes were hostile, negotiations were stalled, and no one could see a clear direction for the project. MTB produced the first project schedule, mediated different groups toward agreement on methodologies, and provided a vision that this project could be accomplished. Their value has only increased as the project has moved forward."

Mary O'Toole
Former Director, Environmental Services Group
Commonwealth Edison
on MTB's project planning and coordination
services on the Barrie Park MGP Remediation Project:


"MTB's participation in the Barrie Park cleanup has been good for the neighborhood and for the Village. They've managed to work successfully with the Village government and with the community without compromising their responsibilities to their client, ComEd. By expertly moving this project forward, working openly with the Village and the Park District, and by communicating effectively with the community, they instilled confidence in all parties that this difficult project can get done.”

Carl Swenson
Village Manage,
Village of Oak Park, Illinois
on MTB's involvement in the Barrie Park MGP Remediation Project:


"If it wasn't for MTB, the Barrie Park project still might not have a schedule, but they got the project organized and on track. When they came in, they brought some fresh energy that seemed to help move things forward. I saw them as just what we needed to move past the logjam we were in, and our Park District pushed to have them manage the work for the utilities. I have found everyone who works with this company to be well organized and knowledgeable."

Gary Balling
Executive Director
Park District of Oak Park, Illinois
on MTB's involvement in the Barrie Park MGP Remediation Project


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