Los Gatos Project 

Sunshine Silver Mines Corp., Chihuahua, Mexico

MTB is currently managing the development of a preliminary economic assessment for an underground polymetallic deposit (lead, zinc, silver) located in Chihuahua, Mexico.   MTB prequalified, coordinated, and managed consultants in the disciplines of mine design, geotechnical and hydrogeological studies, block modeling, metallurgical testwork, and process and infrastructure engineering.  MTB’s role also included preparation of RFPs for the various engineering packages and prequalification of underground contractors for portal and decline work.   In addition, MTB managed the construction and permitting of an on-site explosives storage facility.

Sunshine Mine Project 

Sunshine Silver Mines Corp., Kellogg, Idaho

Sunshine Silver Mines Corporation engaged MTB to assist with the evaluation of bringing the historic Sunshine Mine located near Kellogg, Idaho back into production.  MTB worked with the Owner and developed an aggressive strategy to bring the mine back into production, which included activities such as demolition, pre-construction, and construction planning.  MTB managed project consultants to complete mine planning and design, mine geotechnical engineering, geotechnical and hydrogeological engineering studies, metallurgical testwork, process engineering, tailings facility studies, and marketing.  Other services MTB provided included project management, project controls, scheduling, and budgeting.  A Preliminary Economic Assessment was completed in December 2012.

Mayaniquel Project 

Anfield Nickel Corp., Guatemala

The Mayaniquel Project is a nickel laterite project located in northeastern Guatemala.  MTB has assisted the Owner in completing pre-scoping, scoping, and prefeasibility studies for the project.  Canadian National Instrument 43-101 Technical Reports were managed and compiled by MTB for the Scoping and Prefeasibility Studies.  MTB provided project management services including the management of study consultants for mining, metallurgical testwork, ore upgrading testing, process engineering development, geotechnical field investigations, power supply studies and marketing studies.  Other services provided by MTB included project controls, contract administration, planning, scheduling, and budgeting assistance. 

Taca Taca Project 

Lumina Copper Corp., Argentina

MTB managed the Scoping Study for Lumina Copper Corp.’s Taca Taca project located in northwestern Argentina.  MTB has provided project management services including oversight and coordination of consultants for completion of the mine plan and design, geotechnical and hydrogeological field investigations, metallurgical testwork, process engineering and design, infrastructure and logistics including transportation, water, power supply and marketing.  Owner’s capital and operating costs were developed by MTB for the Scoping Study.  Key functions such as project controls, contract administration, planning and scheduling, and budget assistance were also provided.

Livengood Project Feasibility Study 

Tower Hill Mines, Alaska

MTB provides project management support and project schedule management for this gold project in the Fairbanks area.  MTB manages the ongoing project schedule, reviews designs and associated cost estimates, and provides management oversight for process, mining, and geotechnical engineering functions.

Los Azules Project Scoping Study

Minera Andes Inc., Argentina

MTB managed a scoping study and preliminary economic assessment (CNI 43-101 compliant) for a proposed 100,000 tpd copper mine and concentrator near the base of the Andes Mountains in northern Argentina.

Los Azules Project Prefeasibilty Study

Minera Andes Inc., Argentina

Los Azules Prefeasibility Study
MTB managed the start-up of a prefeasibility study, including detailed planning, management, and coordination of drilling and extensive engineering field investigations at the remote and logistically challenging site.  At present, the prefeasibility study has been placed on hold and an updated preliminary economic assessment is being developed instead, also managed by MTB.



La Bodega Project Scoping Study

Ventana Gold Corp., Colombia

La BodegaLa Bodega Project is a gold-silver-copper project located in northeastern Colombia.  After completing an initial assessment of the project, MTB was retained to complete Pre-Scoping and Scoping studies for the project.  MTB prequalified, coordinated, and managed consultants in the disciplines of mine design, geotechnical and hydrogeologic studies, block model and resource estimation, metallurgical testwork oversight, and process engineering.  Project controls, contract administration, and scheduling assistance were provided, as well as oversight of the  completion of two CNI 43-101 reports and the final Scoping Study Report.  MTB formulated a strategy and then developed a detailed program for early feasibility work combining mine design, extensive engineering and field investigations, metallurgical testwork, and underground mining contractor selection that allowed the Client access to underground resources necessary to advance to the feasibility stage much earlier than in a normal development cycle.  Upon completion of the Scoping Study, the Client entered into a sale agreement prior to advancing to the next stage of the project. 

La Colosa Project Prefeasibility Study

AngloGold Ashanti, Colombia

MTB provided systems and procedures for La Colosa gold prefeasibility study in Bogota, Colombia.  MTB supported the project by conducting a project management workshop in Bogota for key team members.  MTB presented the basic project management tools and techniques – cost and schedule control.  The workshop was professionally facilitated by MTB and resulted in educating the team on project management principles as well as providing a detailed report with a path forward for the project.  MTB provided a complete prefeasibility study schedule based on team inputs.

Elenita Project Prefeasibility Study

Antakena Mining, Chile

MTB managed the prefeasibility study team for the Client and oversaw completion of the study on the Elenita Project in northern Chile.  This project involved managing multiple international team members to achieve the project objectives.  The project involved drilling, metallurgical testing, process engineering, geotechnical engineering for infrastructure and pit slope stability, mine design engineering for open pit and underground possibilities, managing a new resource estimate, and structural geology.

San Jose Project Expansion

Minera Santa Cruz, S.A., Patagonia, Argentina

Los Azules Prefeasibility Study
MTB assisted the owner with management of a project to expand the capacity of the San Jose silver-gold project in southern Argentina.  Services included construction management oversight, scheduling, and logistics support.




San Jose Bankable Feasibility Study

Minera Santa Cruz, S.A., Patagonia, Argentina

MTB provided project management and project controls services for completion of a bankable feasibility study and environmental impact assessment for a proposed silver-gold project in southern Argentina. MTB initially provided a scoping assessment for the feasibility study and was then retained to manage the complete effort.  MTB evaluated, recommended, and managed consultants for process and infrastructure engineering, geotechnical engineering, completion of an environmental impact assessment, and other key roles.  In addition, MTB developed owner capital and operating costs, drafted portions of the feasibility study text, and assisted the owner with key aspects of community relations and public disclosure planning.

San Felipe Project Feasibility Study

Hochschild Mining plc, Sonora, Mexico

MTB managed completion of a scoping study and subsequent prefeasibility study for this zinc-silver project in northern Mexico.  MTB’s scope included managing all aspects of information development and report completion.  Concurrent with management of the study, MTB also helped to manage preliminary work at the project site, including construction of an exploration ramp.  Prefeasibility study work was suspended prior to completion due to low metals prices.

Magistral Copper Project

Inca Pacific Resources, Ancash, Peru

MTB managed basic engineering for a $402 million copper-molybdenum project in a very remote and rugged area of the Peruvian Andes.  MTB also managed the successful completion of a bankable feasibility study for the Magistral project.

El Galeno Copper-Molybdenum Project

Northern Peru Copper Corp., Peru

MTB provided project management and project controls services for completion of a Scoping Study, Prefeasibility Study, and a bankable Feasibility Study for El Galeno copper-gold project in northern Peru. MTB evaluated, recommended, and managed consultants for process engineering, geotechnical engineering, socioeconomic, and environmental assessment, and other key roles. Additionally, MTB developed owner capital and operating costs, drafted portions of the study text, and assisted the Owner with other key functions. During the completion of the bankable Feasibility Study, the Client entered into a sale agreement prior to advancing to the detailed engineering phase of the project.

Idaho Cobalt Project

Formation Capital Corporation, Salmon, Idaho

MTB managed engineering, procurement, and pre-construction activities for development of an underground cobalt mine and processing facility in the mountains of southern Idaho, as well as construction of a separate refining facility in the town of Kellogg.  MTB oversaw design of all facilities and procurement of all equipment and materials, until the project was suspended due to financing and permitting reasons.  MTB was also responsible for contracting, scheduling, cost control, and other functions.  MTB previously managed completion of a feasibility study for the project.

Birch Lake Project

Franconia Minerals Corp., Northern Minnesota

Until the project was sold by Franconia, MTB managed completion of a prefeasibility study and CNI 43-101 compliant preliminary economic assessment for an underground base metals project in northeastern Minnesota.  In addition, MTB managed day-to-day operations at the exploration site and managed development of a community relations program for the project.

Pebble Project Prefeasibility Study

Northern Dynasty Minerals, Iliamna, Alaska

In addition to providing capital cost estimate review services for an early feasibility study, MTB assisted Northern Dynasty Minerals with completion of a subsequent prefeasibility study for one of the most significant gold projects in North America. MTB’s scope included scheduling and monitoring the progress of the study, preparing the project execution plan, and providing oversight to the logistics plan and the capital cost estimate.

Sipan Heap Leach Project & Expansions

Compania Minera Spain S.A., Cajamarca, Peru

Los Azules Prefeasibility Study MTB provided comprehensive project management services for the development of this 2.8 million-tonnes-per-year mine and processing facility located high in the northern Peruvian Andes.  As the owner’s project management team, MTB took this project from feasibility through commissioning on time and under budget, then continued as project manager for the subsequent Phase II Expansion and Capacity Expansion projects.  Sipan was the first major gold project developed by a wholly owned Peruvian company and was completely bank financed by Peruvian institutions.

Barrie Park MGP Remediation Project

Commonwealth Edison/Nicor Gas, Oak Park, Illinois

Los Azules Prefeasibility StudyMTB provided comprehensive project and construction management services to ComEd and Nicor for the cleanup and restoration of a community park and neighborhood in suburban Chicago that was the former site of a manufactured gas plant.  The $160 million project involved removing contaminated soil and abandoned plant structures from the park, the surrounding streets and parkways, and some contiguous private properties; replacing underground utility lines; backfilling with clean material and restoring the park and streets.  Major components of MTB’s work included facilitation of project planning, creation and management of a master schedule, coordination with multiple local government entities, development and management of a community relations program, direct field management of the remediation contractor, project controls and contract administration, and oversight of a complex rail system. 

Rio Blanco Bankable Feasibility Study

Minera Majaz, S.A., Piura, Peru

MTB provided project management and project controls services for development of a bankable feasibility study for a proposed 20Mtpa copper project in northern Peru.   MTB evaluated, recommended, and managed consultants for process and infrastructure engineering, geotechnical engineering, completion of an environmental impact assessment, and other key roles.  In addition, MTB directly assessed and recommended infrastructure features, such as port facilities, access roads, and power lines.

Relincho Project Prefeasibility Study

Global Copper Corp., Central Chile

MTB managed completion of a prefeasibility study for a copper-molybdenum project in central Chile.  The property was sold prior to completion of the study.

Don Mario Project Feasibility Study

Orvana Resources, San Juan, Bolivia

MTB directed the completion of a bankable feasibility study for this high-grade gold/copper deposit located in eastern Bolivia.  Responsibilities included review of existing documents, studies, and reports; review and comment on a feasibility scoping study; analysis of project economics; and management of activities leading to successful completion of the bankable document.

Dresden Cooling Towers 2000 Project

Commonwealth Edison, Morris, Illinois

Los Azules Prefeasibility StudyMTB provided comprehensive project management and construction management services to Marley Cooling Tower Company for the fast-track, turnkey, EPC project to provide a major cooling tower facility to Commonwealth Edison at their Dresden Nuclear Generating Station near Chicago, Illinois.  The project consisted of two 18 cell cooling towers cooling 630,400 gallons per minute using six vertical turbine pumps.  Engineering, procurement, and construction of the project was completed in approximately seven months, including winter in northern Illinois. Challenging procurement included the manufacture and supply of vertical turbine pumps in Texas, pump motors in Taiwan, large quantities of 60 and 72’ steel pipe, and twenty steel bridges.

Joliet Station 29 Cooling Tower Project

Commonwealth Edison, Joliet, Illinois

Los Azules Prefeasibility Study
MTB provided construction management, project controls, and subcontract administration for the installation of 24 cooling cells, including civil, mechanical, and electrical support facilities, for a major power generation station on a narrow peninsula in the Des Plaines River.



Joliet Station 29 Maintenance Outages

Midwest Generation, Joliet, Illinois

MTB managed the planning and implementation of several critical maintenance outages for this major power generation station.  MTB’s comprehensive planning included development of the budget; development, monitoring, control and, reporting of the schedule; expediting and staging of materials; and contract administration.  MTB also provided construction management and project control services.

Kazakhstan Projects Assessment

Frontier Mining Ltd., Kurchatov, Kazakhstan

MTB conducted a thorough assessment of Frontier Mining’s project development organization and exploration and development projects in northeastern Kazakhstan.  The completed assessment was delivered as a formal report to company management.

Selene Silver Project

Compania Minera Selene S.A.C., Apurimac, Peru

MTB was contracted as the owner’s representative to provide full project and construction management services for this gold/silver processing facility in remote southern Peru.  MTB provided contracting and procurement, engineering oversight, and project control services.

Madagascar Mining Assessment Project

Golder Associates, Lakewood, Colorado

MTB provided project controls services to Golder Associates on a yearlong field study for the Madagascar Ministry of Energy and Mines.  This World Bank funded project provided the government of Madagascar with critical information relevant to the economic and environmental impacts of mining and helped the government implement systems aimed at prudently improving the mining sector.  MTB helped Golder maximize its labor and cost efficiency in completing the project.

Amantaytau Goldfields Project

Confidential Client, Uzbekistan

MTB provided feasibility study review and project assessment services.  Areas assessed included the EPCM contractor’s execution plan and efforts, capital and operating cost estimates, project schedule, contracting philosophy, procurement plan, management organization, tailings facility design, owner’s management structure, freight estimate, preproduction employment and training, and other financial and execution aspects.  Local conditions in Uzbekistan and the particulars of working with joint venture partners were emphasized.

Vasilkovskoye Project

Teck Corporation, Kazakhstan

MTB assessed and analyzed local conditions in support of the client’s due diligence for a North American/Kazakh joint venture development of a major gold deposit.

Jerooy Gold Project

MK Gold Company, Kyrghyzstan

MTB prepared inquiry and contract documents for EPC services on a planned 1,460,000 tonnes-per-year project.  MTB also provided project management services, local conditions assessment and analyses, budget reviews, financial evaluations, and revision of the original bankable feasibility study.

Tarkwa Project

Goldfields of South Africa, Ltd., Ghana

MTB reviewed and made recommendations regarding draft mining contracts for two bidders under consideration, then recommended a successful bidder.  This involved a five-year, open-pit mining contract valued in excess of $120 million.

Kumtor Gold Project

Kilborn Engineering, Kyrghyzstan

MTB provided executive search and personnel placement services, specific to CIS knowledge and experience with extreme isolation conditions, to the EPC contractor on this $330 million project.

Ares Gold Project

Compania Minera Ares S.A., Arequipa, Peru

MTB was contracted on several occasions to provide comprehensive project audit services for this project in remote southern Peru, make recommendations to the owner, and coordinate portions of remediation work.

Tonkin Springs Project

Tonkin Springs LLC, Eureka County, Nevada, USA

MTB provided exploration, economic geology, resource estimation, and mine planning consultation to Tonkin Springs LLC, a subsidiary of Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd. of Toronto, Canada.  MTB helped the owner determine the economic feasibility of pursuing development under present and anticipated market conditions.

Horizonte Tailings Facility Project

Consorcio Minero Horizonte, Northern Peru

MTB provided project management services including evaluating and recommending an engineering contractor to design a tailings dam, reviewing and revising design, and coordinating with the Peruvian authorities regarding environmental permitting.

Olympias Gold Project

TVX Hellas A.A./TVX Gold, Olympias, Greece

MTB provided consulting services to review the prefeasibility study covering application of pressure oxidation and cyanidation for gold recovery.  The intent was to ensure that critical aspects were covered in the proposed design and to identify items requiring special attention during the feasibility study and/or basic engineering phase.  The evaluation report included recommendations for risk mitigation.

Industrial Facility Arbitration Support

Confidential Client, Nevada, USA

MTB provided services in support of a contract dispute involving the engineering and construction of a $300 million industrial processing facility in Nevada.  Expert witnesses were identified in the areas of mechanical, electrical and structural engineering.  After screening and interviewing the experts, they were submitted to the client’s legal/claim defense team for final interviews.

Confidential Project

Richmont Mines, Northern Peru

MTB provided preliminary due diligence services for prospective investment in a producing gold mine with a substantial land position and exploration potential.  The evaluation was discontinued based on interpretation of early information.

Confidential Project

Confidential Client, California, USA

MTB provided consulting support to a mining operation with an operating underground and open pit mine with heap leaching that was nearing the end of its economical reserves.  Support included budgeting, financial modeling, and strategic involvement in negotiations regarding multiple life-of-mine scenarios.  Additionally, MTB prepared a detailed mine reclamation plan outline for use as the basis for post-operating efforts.

Confidential Project

Bechtel, Kazakhstan

MTB provided input into Bechtel’s due diligence efforts concerning a confidential gold project.  Services included providing local-conditions information specific to successful implementation of a project in the CIS.

Centennial Community Church Due Diligence

1st Bank of Tech Center, Denver, Colorado, USA

MTB provided due diligence and project review services to 1st Bank to ensure that the Centennial Community Church project remained on course for an on-budget, as-scheduled completion.

McNary Dam Arbitration Support

Bonneville Power Admin., Portland, Oregon, USA

MTB represented the financing agency, Bonneville Power Administration, in defending a $4.2 million claim for damages on a new hydroelectric facility.  MTB prepared claim analysis documents, and prepared written analyses and presentations at various points in the dispute.  MTB also produced all documents and presentation materials for negotiations, including mediation sessions and scheduled arbitration.  MTB’s work allowed the parties to settle the dispute favorably in mediation.

Durdy Residence Claim

James Kirk Durdy, Telluride, Colorado, USA

MTB assisted in claim preparation for litigation involving a defective construction and bad-faith insurance claim on a 100-year-old historic Victorian residence.  The work involved defective work by a contractor in completing a structural renovation.

Confidential Client

Confidential Iron Project

MTB provided Independent Engineer services to a bank in support of project financing. MTB performed the initial review and reported to the bank on the financial model and the owner’s projections. The financing proceeded and MTB performed ongoing project reviews and evaluations in support of the plant construction. Additional project monitoring work continues regarding support of hedging contracts.


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