The construction phase of any project is the phase where the costs of changes, schedule delays, or other problems are the greatest.  Efforts during the planning stages to reduce risks through an efficient project organization, schedule, and execution plan must be supported by equally effective management of all construction activities.  MTB's construction management services keep your project moving toward on-schedule completion while minimizing changes, disruptions, or other problems that increase costs.  We manage contractors aggressively to ensure that work details are well-planned, coordinated, and properly executed with safety and quality paramount.

Field Supervision

Field EngineeringThe ultimate purpose of field supervision is to coordinate the activities of multiple contractors performing concurrent and usually interrelated work.  MTB's construction managers are experienced in a wide range of construction disciplines and excel in organizing work in an efficient and safe manner.  MTB's field supervision includes:

  • Coordinating field contractors' work;
  • Evaluating and issuing field orders as required;
  • Ensuring adherence to schedule;
  • Providing design and work-around solutions to field problems;
  • Ensuring compliance with environmental standards;
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety standards; and
  • Providing daily field reporting.

Quality Control / Quality Assurance

Ensuring project quality requires a systematic and detail-oriented approach.  At MTB, quality control / quality assurance includes:

  • Developing and implementing procedures for work stoppage;
  • Controlling measurements and test equipment;
  • Reviewing work to ensure it is in compliance with design documents and applicable standards;
  • Establishing systems/data to make payment measurement;
  • Monitoring adherence to test procedures;
  • Reviewing final documentation; and
  • Completing QA/QC program audit.

Contract Administration

Detailed contract administration is essential to ensure contractors, subcontractors, and vendors adhere to contract provisions; to properly control and document required changes; and to make proper payments for approved work.  In contract administration, MTB:

  • Monitors contractor performance;
  • Responds in writing to Requests for Information and expedites responses;
  • Documents and negotiates pricing for contract changes;
  • Prepares and issues change orders;
  • Compares invoice details with contracts to ensure payments are made for approved goods and services received; and
  • Completes contract closeouts with lien waivers.

Project Controls

CanalThe purpose of project controls is to quickly identify schedule or cost problems and to implement prompt and effective corrective actions.  MTB regularly reviews and updates the project master schedule to report progress and forecast activity completion.  Corrective actions are performed by analyzing resources associated with activities, initiating schedule work-arounds, and determining more efficient work methods to counter adverse schedule trends.  MTB uses a cost and commitment report to compare expenditures, commitments, and physical percents complete to the project budget.  Corrective actions are recommended for any cost areas that show adverse cost variances compared to the budget.  MTB's project controls services include:

  • Budget analysis and cost trending;
  • Schedule and cost control;
  • Change order management;
  • Quantity progress tracking; and
  • Document control.

Health and Safety

Federal, state, and local laws make project owners responsible to provide a safe work environment and to educate workers about safe work practices.  MTB's professional managers are all trained in OSHA construction safety and strongly emphasize the need to maintain a safe workplace.  MTB's health and safety services include:

  • Development of OSHA compliant health and safety plans;
  • Health and safety inspections and audits;
  • Mitigation of safety risks; and
  • Health and safety training.

Material Receipt and Control

Ensuring that your materials are received in good order, kept secure, and properly accounted for is essential to maintaining schedule, controlling costs, and avoiding unnecessary problems and delays.  In providing an effective material receipt and control system, MTB:

  • Establishes material storage and laydown areas;
  • Determines material control and security requirements;
  • Receives and inspects deliveries;
  • Documents over, short and damaged conditions of materials or equipment;
  • Implements a material control plan and accounts for materials used;
  • Reconciles material received against material ordered for invoice concurrence and to flag discrepancies; and
  • Maintains material receipt and control records.

Commissioning and Startup

Valve CheckBefore your facility can be placed into operation, the completed work must be systematically inspected, equipment tested to ensure proper operation, personnel trained in operating processes, and required certifications completed.  In assisting you with commissioning and startup, MTB provides the following:

  • Punchlist completion;
  • Vendor data and manual documentation;
  • Equipment/process testing;
  • Spare parts and consumable procurement;
  • Turnover and commissioning scheduling;
  • Vendor service representative coordination;
  • Operator training; and Facility turnover.
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